Splitter open to playing for Brazil during lockout


Now that the 2011 FIBA Americas tournament is over, San Antonio Spurs center Tiago Splitter will have to weigh his options – ride out the lockout or play somewhere else.

Well it seems Splitter could be leaning towards playing during the lockout and is open to suiting up for his home country of Brazil.

“[Playing] here is a good option for me and for basketball in Brazil. I’d rather play than standing still and doing nothing. If you have the opportunity to play in Brazil and all goes well, why not?”

“I received some proposals and I want to make that decision [peacefully]. I have time to go now and will decide what to do”

Seeing how the lockout is still marching on with no end in sight, the chances of Splitter playing for Brazil is high. However, after a long march at FIBA Americas, it might be better for Splitter to get in some R&R. At least if you are a Spurs fan.

He suffered an injury prior to the tournament so any rest will be great for Splitter if and when the new season kicks off.

Thoughts Spurs fans? How do you feel about Splitter potentially playing during the lockout or would you rather see him rest and ride out the lockout?