Splitter decides to come to the Spurs


After reports the San Antonio Spurs and their 2007 NBA Draft pick, Tiago Splitter, reached an agreement, some Spurs fans might still be holding their breath waiting to see if this is true. It seems Spurs fans can exhale.

According to elperiodico.com, Splitter has decided to come to the Spurs:

After 10 years in the ACB League, the Brazilian power forward has decided to take the plunge and go to the NBA, where he was elected in 2007 at number 28 in the first round of draft.

Después de 10 años en la Liga ACB, el pívot brasileño ha decidido dar el paso y marcharse a la NBA, donde fue elegido en el 2007 en el número 28 de la primera ronda del dratf.

There has been reports that Splitter will sign with the Spurs as soon as this Monday.