Splitter, Brazil to start training camp in June


Everyone knows that the San Antonio Spurs are a very international basketball team. So with the Olympics coming up, a few Spurs will be preparing to represent their home countries in London.

Tiago Splitter is planning on playing for Brazil, but it may really take a toll on the big man’s body.

Brazil’s coach Ruben Magnano really wants his team to play well this year, so he’s starting training camp in early June.

If the Spurs play well in the postseason, that could mean Splitter jumps right from the NBA to international camp. If the Spurs make it to the NBA Finals, Splitter would be playing right through the start and would have to be late.

That would be rough on any basketball player, but could be even worse for Splitter who is notoriously prone to injury. Remember last season when he was dealing with numerous nagging injuries prior to joining the Spurs and during his rookie season. He could be putting his playing career in serious jeopardy by stacking the two seasons back-to-back. This could also affect his next season for the Spurs.

The Olympics go into mid-August, which would give Splitter very little recovery time before training camp starts for the 2012-13 season.

Of course, I would never suggest sitting out the Olympics. Playing for your country is a great source of pride for a player, but it’s going to be tough for Tiago. I hope he’s taking his vitamins and getting all the rest he can now, because he’s going to need it.