Mind Numbingly Angry!


Warning to all those who are sensitve, have children around the computer, or who are uber religious for I am about to go off on what I thought was the defending champions, San Antonio Chokers errrrrr Spurs.
WHAT THE FUCK DID WE ALL JUST WITNESS????????????????????  What in the hell were the Spurs doing out there?  Did they become complacent?  Yes they did.  Did the go away from playing big and go to a small line up?  Yes and it cost them big time!  They had it in their hands and they let it slip away.  Twenty fucking point lead blown just like that!  I blame Coach Pop for going small when going big was the answer all night long.  The fucking idiot Spurs went away from Tim and started to jack up shit shots.  They looked so fucking clueless out there in the second half.  Tim passing up clear shots, Manu forcing shit shots, Tony becoming a French pussy and stopped going to the hole, and someone please break Finley’s hands, legs, and neck because he is a liability on D and on offense!  And then there is Pop.  He deserves most of the blame.  Why in the fuck didn’t he put Bowen back in the game earlier when Bryant was going off?  Stupid motherfucker!
I cannot believe it when the lead started to slip away.  At first I thought they would hold on like they did against the Hornets in Game 7 but boy did they bend over and take it up the ass.  They got no one to blame but themselves.  No excuses for this horrific loss in Spurs history.  This ranks right up there with the game 7 loss to Portland (Strickland’s behind the back pass), Manu fucking it up for the Spurs by fouling Dirk in Game 7 vs. the Mavs, and the infamous .4 shot by Fisher.  As a whole this team has no killer instinct.  They get big leads and do not go for the throat and put away a team when tey are down.  In other words, THEY ARE PUSSIES!
Many writers across the NBA nation say this night have been the series clincher for the Lakers.  I might agree with them.  This sucked the life out of the Spurs as a whole and I seriously doubt the Spurs can recover from this loss. 
Memo to the Spurs:  When you guys made it to the Western Conference Finals, everyone is hoping you guys do not return to the NBA Finals.  They hate you!  Well guess what?  You guys are sure obliging their wishes.  But I suppose you dumbasses don’t want to repeat, and want to get embarrassed by getting huge leads and then blowing it to be the laughing stock of the NBA right now.  Good for you.  Game 2 is tomorrow, so please be thinking of ways to fuck it up again!  That would be the cherry on top of a piss poor performance as in Game 1. 

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