Spurs vs. Jazz Live Blog


1st Quarter
The Spurs have to start this game off right and try to put their streaky performances as of late behind them. I’m glad Manu is playing tonight. His heart and hustle play were definitely missed in the Bucks game.
So far, I like what I’m seeing from Tim Duncan. He’s taking it straight at Boozer instead of waiting around and passing it out. Much more aggressive play from him tonight, maybe it’s the haircut.
Breaking news! Matt Bonner has a post game.
Andrei Kirilenko has been such a disappointment this season, especially since he’s on my fantasy team, This is actually one night I don’t mind him stinking it up.
I have to say it again, Duncan looks great. Milsap may be a little dizzy after that one.
The Spurs close out the quarter 29-24 on a last second shot by Matt Bonner. It’s still too early to make any predictions since one of our bigs getting into foul trouble could turn things around quickly, especially at the rate Oberto fouls.
2nd Quarter
Bonner needs to get stomach flu more often if he continues to play this way. So far he has 10 pts. in six minutes including two three-pointers.
Deron Williams has been hot to start the second quarter and Tony Parker’s gonna have to get around those screens faster and get in Williams’ face.
Wow. I feel like Paul Milsap did a little earlier after watching Tony get to the basket for that layup.
Thw Spurs are finally starting to put some space between themselves and the Jazz with a 12-pt lead. Let’s hope they can continue the same level of play for the rest of the quarter and into the third.
This has got to be one of the better performances by the Spurs I’ve seen in quite some time. If they can keep this up in the third and fourth, call it a win. They closed out the half with a 15-point lead 58-43. Parker and Duncan are leading the Spurs with 18 and 16 points respectively while Mehmet Okur is the high point man for the Jazz with 10 points.
3rd Quarter
So far the biggest difference between the first game and this game between the Spurs and the Jazz has been rebounding, with the Spurs having a 25 to 19 rebound advantage. That’s a huge difference from the first game where the Spurs were badly outrebounded.
Can the Spurs miss? I don’t want to find out. Great way to open up the third and take control of this game. The lead has now swelled to 26 points and they aren’t letting up like they have in previous games after they’ve gotten big leads.
Robert Horry is definitely shaking off some rust tonight and has played well with the start. 7 points and 7 rebounds will get me off your back especially when you’re playing a great rebounding team like the Jazz and you’re outrebounding Carlos Boozer and Andrei Kirilenko.
Has Tim Duncan looked any better all season. He’s dominating his battle with Boozer tonight. A completely different story from the first game of the season series.
4th Quarter
Looks like this one’s over as long as the bench can keep this huge lead. I’m thinking I should live blog more often if it results in blowout wins.
I’m glad to see Beno getting some run. R.C Buford said he’s had a lack of confidence resulting in the decrease in minutes and him losing his spot in the rotation.
Spurs win 106-83 and can regain the division lead if Dallas ends up losing to Phoenix. Once again, rebounding was key with the Spurs winning the battle of the boards 47 to 39. It was great to see them actually defend the AT&T Center. Every Spur played and scored. The Spurs are now 22-8 on the season and will look for another home win on New Year’s Eve against the Atlanta Hawks.

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