Smart? Uninformed! Spurs 2022-23 Season Predictions Leading Scorer, EJECTIONS, And More

Spurs Fiesta Shorts: Dallas Mavericks

Here are the official Fiesta Shorts Spurs 2022-23 predictions!

At Spurs media day, coach Gregg Popovich wisely advised those in the room that being on the Spurs to win the NBA championship this season is a bad idea. We at Fiesta Shorts are not betting men, but consider his advice heeded nonetheless.

What Pop didn’t consider is that there are plenty of prop bets you could place on the Spurs, if not in Vegas, then certainly with your frenemies on Twitter.

If you’re looking for any props to wager your life’s savings on, I now kindly present to you the official Fiesta Shorts Spurs 2022-23 season predictions! And a quick FYI: I bear no responsibility for any money you lose betting on something I’ve predicted!

Doug McDermott of the San Antonio Spurs
Will Doug McDermott finish the season in San Antonio? Photo: NBC Sports

Spurs 2022-23 Predictions

Leading scorer: Keldon Johnson

This may be obvious but okay whatever, are you going to disagree? Any attempt at an informed prediction piece has to put Johnson here.

If you really feel like going against the grain you might be able to talk yourself into Devin Vassell leading San Antonio in points. I’m not seeing it, but you could. I guess.

Leading Rebounder: Jakob Poeltl

Another unsexy pick but I’ll add that Jeremy Sochan is going to be a close second. As a rookie, I’m guessing Sochan’s best opportunities to shine will be found on defense and crashing the boards. Sort of like Dejounte Murray did. Except Sochan won’t have a future hall of fame point guard to limit his minutes – more on that later.

If Poeltl is traded, Sochan runs away with this category. More on that later, too.

Assist leader: Tre Jones

I don’t know if I want to call Jones a dark horse candidate to lead the team in assists, but I have no idea what they plan to do at point guard right now so this is all I’ve got.

Minutes: The first-rounders

Blake Wesley and Malaki Branham will average 15+ mins per game. Sochan will average at least 25 minutes per game.

There’s almost nothing stopping the rookies from getting involved, besides I-35. I’ll lean toward being optimistic the rooks spend more time on Loop 1604, even though that’s actually my personal hell.

Ejections: Pop, Five

This Spurs team isn’t going to get any superstar foul calls. I’d imagine most nights the calls are going to be heavily stacked against the youthful and inexperienced San Antonio squad.

Because of that, I’m expecting Popovich to get ejected at least five times for defending his players and threatening a few referees with his brand of choice language.

Wins: 25

This will leave them with top-4 odds of getting the first overall pick in the next draft.

Defensive rank: 23rd

Offensive rank: 27th

See above. They are going to be a bad team. At times watching them will be maddening. We’ll do it anyway because we’re conditioned to be insane.

The player most likely to be traded: Doug McDermott

You could also talk me into Poeltl, but I feel like if San Antonio really wanted to move him, they’d have done so at the last trade deadline. But who knows, maybe he improves again this season and playoff hopefuls come forward with stronger offers.

I’m still betting on McDermott being the most likely trade candidate because of his spot-up shooting ability.

That’s it for this season’s official Fiesta Shorts predictions. Please bookmark this and come back to roast me on Twitter in a few months when I’m dead wrong about everything!

Thanks for reading and being kind to each other out there. Be sure to check out our Fiesta Shorts here at 

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