Skiles Comments On Spurs’ “Restgate”


So far this season when an opposing team plays the San Antonio Spurs, their head coach is going to ask to comment on Gregg Popovich's decision to rest his stars. The responses from the coaching community has been siding with Pop and add Milwaukee Bucks head coach Scott Skiles.

When he was discussing bench players taking advantage of extra minutes when a guy is injured, he jokingly said.

"Normally, you don't go through a season you know missing guys, unless you choose to rest them"

He then got serious and responded to the controversial move by Popovich.

"I think the coaches ought to coach their teams the way they see fit."

Coaches sticking together on issues should be no surprise. 

While fans and some owners tend to think they know more than a head coach for a team, they see it through a different perpsective. They have to have a vision that incorporates their team as a whole, not just a handful of players.

It's a thankless job for a lot of coaches. If the team wins, the glory goes to the players, but if the team loses the loss goes on the shoulders of the coaching so it's not surprising that many coaches have gone to Popovich's defense. They're not in the ratings business, they're in it to win a title at the end.

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