Should the Spurs keep James Anderson?


The NBA career for James Anderson is off to a rough start. When he joined the San Antonio Spurs, he had to figure, as a shooting guard, most of the minutes would go to Manu Ginobili. But maybe if he worked hard, he could find a way to contribute and be a part of the team.

Now Anderson finds himself at the bottom of the depth chart. He only got real playing time on the nights this season where Coach Pop rested the starters. He only saw the floor in one game of the Western Conference Finals and didn’t get to contribute much. He’s clearly been pushed aside in the Spurs’ pecking order.

Anderson’s contract is up this offseason, so the Spurs will have to decide what they want to do with him. He made more this season than both Gary Neal and Danny Green, who played more minutes. I can’t imagine the Spurs are going to offer much to Anderson just to sit on the bench, so it might be beneficial for both parties if Anderson were to look for a new team.

The Spurs boasted the most depth in the NBA, not many people would argue with that. It’s going to be extremely competitive to find a role on this team, and it’s looking more and more like James Anderson just doesn’t fit. Anderson has plenty of talent, definitely a strong enough skill set to play in the NBA, but the Spurs are so heavy at the 2-guard position that he’s probably just on the wrong team. I’m sure Spurs fans wouldn’t mind seeing Anderson succeed somewhere else, there’s no hard feelings if he wants to leave for a team that will give him some more minutes. I just don’t see the point of keeping Anderson around just so he can sit at the end of the bench.