Shocking! Mavs’ Terry voices his respect for Spurs


Confidence in your team never runs short in the NBA. Everybody thinks if you can make the playoffs, you can win the championship. That goes double for Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Terry.

Even though the Mavs don’t have the same cast as their title-winning team last year and they’re the 7th-seed in the Western Conference headed into a very tough matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Terry thinks they still have a good shot at a repeat.

“We don’t have Tyson Chandler. We don’t have J.J. Barea. We don’t have DeShawn Stevenson. But we’re right back in the thick of things … with a realistic chance to win a championship. I believe it. Every guy in that locker room believes it. Coach Carlisle is another one that believes it. And Mark Cuban, say what you want about him not bringing those guys back, but he believes it.”

Even though Terry has tons of good stuff to say about his team’s chances, he also didn’t mind sharing a few kind words about the San Antonio Spurs. Yes, you read that correctly, the same Terry, a player Spurs fans love to hate and who has voiced his disdain in the past for the Spurs, actually praises San Antonio heading into the playoffs.

“I still, out of all the teams in this league, have the ultimate respect for coach Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. That is our rival. Hands down.”

“Those guys are the favorites. Nobody’s picking the Dallas Mavericks to do anything. It’s a similar situation as last year. But we love it. I still got the Underdog tattoo right here on my left arm. We’re ready. In the underdog role.”

There must be a full moon out tonight for Terry to share these glowing remarks about San Antonio but I digress.

The Mavs are underdogs for sure. It’ll be hard to find someone who legitimately thinks the Mavs can take down the Thunder. Their chances to repeat as champions are slim to none, but Terry and the Mavs will fight until they’re finished. There’s something to be said for never giving up.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Is all forgiven for things Terry has said in the past about the Spurs or do you still love to hate him despite his nice comments? What do you think about the Mavs’ chances at repeating as champs?