Shaq thinks the Spurs still have star players, sort of


Recently retired Shaquille O’Neal was immortalized at his alma mater at LSU with a 900-lbs. statue so what does he have to say about the state of the NBA? Plenty and of course he mentions the San Antonio Spurs.

When asked about the state of the NBA, O’Neal feels not many teams in the league have a star and a Hall of Famer on their roster – except for the Spurs.

Let’s be real: Orlando, Boston, L.A., Miami — that’s it. Maybe Memphis, the Spurs, maybe Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks. Only nine or 10 teams have a star.

Obviously the big man is referring to Tim Duncan as the one-day Hall of Famer and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili as the stars. But Ginobili and Parker could be seen at one-day Hall of Famers. Ginobili’s basketball resume ranks among the best and he is a first-ballot candidate. As for Parker, his NBA resume is solid but some feel he if iffy for the Hall.

Speaking of big men, O’Neal was asked about his thoughts on Dwight Howard and says he has big shoes to fill if he wants to call himself Superman. However, Shaq has no other issues with him and even pointed out how Howard has never called out fellow center unlike he did with Spurs legend David Robinson.

I tried to dog centers out. I went at David Robinson.

And just like that, Shaq reminds Spurs fans why he was high on their enemy list for such a long time.