Shaq says Malone is the best power forward ever, or Barkley, maybe Duncan


After he won his second consecutive MVP, people started talking about where San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan stood in the pantheon of greatest power forwards ever.  Then a lot of people started calling him the greatest power forward ever after he won his third NBA title and third Finals MVP trophy in 2005 by taking down then Detroit Pistons’ Ben and Rasheed Wallace at the peak of their defensive powers.  By the time he won his fourth NBA title in 2007 he was almost universally called the best four man ever. 

But if you go by this interview Shaquille O’Neal did with GQ’s Mark Anthony Green, TD may or may not be in that universe.

“GQ: Greatest power forward?
Shaq: Either Barkley or Karl Malone. Or even Tim Duncan. It’s a mix-up, I’m not sure.”

I thought about this for several minutes after reading it.  Knowing the Shaq has praised Duncan numerous times in the past, I don’t think he said this as a slight to Timmy.  I think he’s being respectful to the guys that were the best in the game (Malone and Barkley) when he entered the league.  These are also guys he’s played with (Malone) or currently work with (Barkley). 

Between the rings, MVPs and Finals MVPs and all around skill Duncan played with, it’s hard for me to say anyone is a better than him.  I’m also biased.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Do you agree with Shaq or is TD the best power forward ever?