Several Spurs in NBA's all-time top 100 money list


Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu GinobiliThe San Antonio Spurs are often looked at as a small market team that is hesitant to spend money needed to win a championship.  That thought took a hit when the Spurs took on Richard Jefferson's two years and $30 million and then signed him to four year, $40 million contract.  It was the instance the Spurs made a questionable financial decision (one they quickly corrected). It also showed Spurs owner Peter Holt isn't afraid to dip in the luxury tax if Spurs GM R.C. Buford believes it will help the Spurs. 

Now comes this.  Warriors tweeted out a list of the top 100 money makers in NBA history and three current Spurs, one former and a one time Spurs were all featured on that list.  At number four all time was Tim Duncan.  Duncan, including the contract he signed this offseason, has career earnings of $224,709,155.  Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant are the only players ahead of him.

Perhaps everyone's favorite Spur, David Robinson, is number 45 on the list at $116,500,123.  Robinson will soon be passed by Tony Parker, who is number 48 on the list ($110,946,521) and almost certainly has one more big payday coming in his career.  The real battle between good and evil (not really) comes at numbers 79 and 80.  Richard Jefferson so far has career earnings of $95,561,314 while Manu Ginobili comes in just behind Jefferson at $93,725,614.  Manu probably has one contract left in him for decent money, but Jefferson might have two contracts left in him, but for less money. 

It's safe to say "the Spurs don't like spending money" myth has been busted considering that the Spurs' current core is all in the top 100.  The next question who is the next Spur to have a chance of cracking that list? Is it Kawhi or is it someone who isn't on the roster yet? Lastly, Joe Johnson is ranked sixth on this list and Michael Jordan is ranked 87th. Inflation and capitalism at its finest!