Seeking Chris Paul: Clippers, Spurs, Rockets, Nuggets


Wednesday, an article was published by the L.A. Times regarding who free agent Chris Paul could possibly speak with during free agency. It’s already been reported previously that the Los Angeles Clippers want to retain Paul and that the San Antonio Spurs are one suitor for him. In the Times article, it was revealed the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets might also join the Paul race (H/T Real GM).

Using video, let’s look at some roster moves each of these four teams would have to possibly make in the event Paul chose to sign with them for a maximum contract. All financial data used in each video is from

Los Angeles Clippers

First, how would the Clippers’ roster possibly look next season if they kept Paul?

San Antonio Spurs

Next, what type of roster moves would the Spurs have to make to add Paul?

Houston Rockets

Like the Spurs, as you’ll see in the video, the Rockets would also have to look at losing some of their core players to add Paul.

Denver Nuggets

What would the Nuggets have to do to add Paul?

This is just a reminder that these are very vague salary cap outlooks for each team.



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