Screengrab Snafu: Spurs beat Grizzlies by 951 points


Last night's San Antonio Spurs-Memphis Grizzlies game did not end in overtime like their first two meetings but it did result in San Antonio smacking Memphis 103-82. Those 103 points just go to show this Spurs team has a potent offense and gone are the days of Spurs' slow-down, grind it out basketball.

Throughout this season, the Spurs show they can be a scoring machine but it seems the Fox News station out in L.A. really feels this Spurs team can put up the points.

It looks like someone at the station mistakenly tacked on to the Spurs' final score an extra "3" making it seem San Antonio broke all sorts of offensive basketball records versus Memphis.

As Bloguin's own Awful Announcing would say, check out this screengrab snafu of the Spurs "record-breaking" offensive output last night – 1033 points!