Scout believes Spurs are for real


Bustasports.comThe San Antonio Spurs may be boring to the majority of the NBA fan base and to the mainstream media, but they're certainly not boring to the guys who have to try dissect the team to beat them.

In an interview with's Marc Stein, six scouts from the league gave their opinions on certain subjects under anonymity. When the topic of the Spurs being a legit title consider, this is what this person responded.

"The Spurs … they're just so poised. I don't think they're too old, because they run their stuff so stinkin' well. Their guards know their roles so well and they're so deep. And [Tiago] Splittler has gotten a lot better. He's playing really big around the rim.

"I really think they can beat OKC in the playoffs this time and I've got 'em ahead of the Clippers, too. It's a playoff mentality thing. If [the Clippers] play them in a series, San Antonio is too disciplined in the playoffs.

"For me, they're the most fun team to watch. You know what they're going to do. It's like clockwork. [Sitting with scouts on press row,] we'll call out the plays before they do, because we know what they're going to run. But if you stop one thing, they always know how to counter. And they're all on the same page."

This shouldn't be news to the basketball fans who consider themselves "purists." The Spurs are scoring in bunches and stopping other teams from doing the same. They're playing faster like the Phoenix Suns used to, but smarter. There isn't a "7 Seconds or Less" mentality, they'll take a bucket  if it comes in 7 seconds or 17 seconds, but they'll be looking to push the entire time.

For those who don't want to admit this to be true are usually the fans who watch the games as fans in amazement over players instead of watching the game in a different mentality. It's the same Spurs players who were labeled boring that scored around the 80's to win games.

If the scouts for other teams think the Spurs aren't boring, that should tell you a lot about the team. These people are supposed to come up with ways to counter what they do and they're watching in amazement instead. Even though the majority of the team is the same from last season, they're not playing the same style. Last year the Spurs weren't nearly as good defensively as this year nor as deep.

Tiago Splitter's emergence has transformed this team where the better players from last year may be bumped down a notch thanks to Splitter. That's a tribute to the coaching staff and organization, who are now being recognized as one of the best in the world.

They may not be talked about on TV shows or on news websites, but you can believe there's scouts from other teams who are "projected" to win it all in June that are watching and talking about the Spurs with a nervous tone.