Scola has much respect for Ginobili


Houston Rockets’ Luis Scola has grown into a solid player much to the chagrin of San Antonio Spurs fans who hoped the Spurs could have signed instead of trading him to the Rockets in 2007.

Now as Scola has emerged as a solid NBA player, and perhaps one of the best basketball imports from Argentina into the NBA, who does Scola feel is the basketball equivalent to Argentinian soccer star Diego Maradona? His fellow countryman and friend, Spurs’ Manu Ginobili:

¡Ginóbili! Hemos crecido juntos y por ahí evidentemente hay un nivel grande de admiración, pero hay más. Aparte de admiración yo tengo un respeto enorme por lo que él hace, y por su forma de vivir el día a día en esta profesión. Además es un cariño gigante con muchos años en el medio, pero creo lo que más resalto, que siento para él, es respeto que tengo por la forma en que afronta una carrera y profesión.

Ginobili! We have grown together and obviously there is a great level of admiration, but there’s more. Apart from the admiration I have an enormous respect for what he does, and how they live day by day in this profession. It is also a giant baby with many years in the middle, but I think what stands out, I feel for him is respect I have for the way in which faces a race and profession.

Scola is absolutely correct. Ginobili has conducted himself in a professional manner throughout his NBA career and I’m sure many have the same respect for Ginobili as Scola does.