Scola: I pictured myself playing for the Spurs


Houston Rockets’ forward Luis Scola had a fantastic performance at the 2010 FIBA World Championship. He averaged 27.9 points and shot 57.6% from the field. Not to mention his stellar performance against Brazil finishing with 37 points.

However, bring up his name to San Antonio Spurs fans and they will either say “Ah what could have been” or “It’s old news.”

Spurs fans know the story: he was drafted by the Spurs in 2002, was considered one of the best international players, buy-out issues prevented him from coming to the Spurs, was traded to the Houston Rockets and Spurs fans were left to dream of what could have been.

Now he has proven he can play in the NBA, established himself as a key player for the Rockets and was Argentina’s top performer at the World Championship.

But did you know Scola really wanted to be a Spur and even memorized the system?

“I got drafted by the Spurs in 2002, but the NBA was my dream way before that,” says Scola. “During the five years they had my rights, I pictured myself playing for the San Antonio Spurs. I was watching their games. I was memorizing their system. I was looking at how I would fit there.

“I would have loved to be part of those championships and all those rings, but it just didn’t work out.” (source

If I opened up old wounds for Spurs fans, my apologies but for as much as this is old news, and maybe I need to get over it, I can’t help but think to myself, “Ah what could have been.”

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