San Antonio tuned into the NBA Finals


Despite the San Antonio Spurs being eliminated from the playoffs in the first round, and the Spurs’ chief rival Dallas Mavericks battling for their first NBA championship, it didn’t stop the city of San Antonio from tuning into the 2011 NBA Finals as the city ranked fourth among T.V. markets:

Miami-Fort Lauderdale (33.7); Dallas-Fort Worth (30.7); West Palm Beach (17.7); San Antonio (15.9); Cleveland (15.8); New Orleans (15.1); Memphis and Houston (14.5); Oklahoma City (14.4); and Chicago (13.7). 

The Heat-Mavericks series garnered at 10.2 average T.V. rating and the last time the Spurs were in the Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers still ranks as the lowest viewed Finals with a 6.2 national average rating.

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