San Antonio Spurs vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Gameday Q&A with TWolves Blog

The San Antonio Spurs (31-6) look to continue their winning ways against the Minnesota Timberwolves (9-29) tonight in Minnesota.

Theses two teams will be facing each other in a span of three days and should the Spurs win, they would sweep the Timberwolves for four straight seasons. However, the Spurs have their troubles against Minnesota. The Spurs have had to fight from double-digit deficits to pick up wins against the Timberwolves and to beat the same team in a matter of days will prove difficult.

To discuss tonight’s contest, I once again turn to Dave from Bloguin’s own TWolves Blog. Aside from keeping things light-hearted with the ways things are going for Minnesota this season, the site is a wealth of information and your one-stop site for all things Timberwolves. To read my Q&A I did with Dave click HERE.

Jeff: The Timberwolves seem to present issues for the Spurs as we’ve seen this season. What is it about Minnesota which gives the Spurs issues?

Dave: As I responded in our first Q&A together this season (I believe), it’s our big men. To be honest, our guards are pretty atrocious all things considered, so the need for production falls on our bigs kinda by default.  Add in the fact that KLove is an all world rebounder and Darko is quite versatile himself; the Spurs can be taken advantage of from that facet.  Otherwise, I think our guys play hard for the most part, and really don’t ever give up, so we’re just going to just lay down and give up against any team.

Coach Rambis is going to continue to go with Corey Brewer in the starting lineup in hopes of containing Manu Ginobili. Is that move really going to slow down Manu?

No. Brewer has somehow acquired a reputation of being a defensive stopper of sorts.  He’s OK at times, but he gambles too much and is way undersized.  He has nice energy/effort, but he can’t control that said energy while out on the court.  Manu is potentially the MVP of the Spurs this season, so no one is slowing him down anyways.  If I were you guys, I wouldn’t worry one iota about who’s guarding Manu Tuesday night.  He’ll get his.
Minnesota blew two double-digit leads on the Spurs this season. Simple question — why?

I don’t know.  I honestly don’t.  We’ve beat good teams and gotten blown out by bad teams.  There’s no rhyme nor reason to the TWolves this season.  Rather, I’m more surprised that we ever had double-digit leads against the Spurs multiple times in the same season.  Our bigs are a tough matchup for you guys, and maybe you overlooked us a little the first two games.  That’s about all I can come up with.  There’s no reason the Spurs should fall behind by 15+ points to the TWolves this season.  To your credit, you guys came back and won those games.

Beasley recently injured his ankle yet is probable to start for Minnesota. Think it’s wise to risk further injury?

If I were coach, and sadly I’m not (couldn’t be worse than Coach Darrell Rhombus!), I’d sit Beasley out.  He got hurt Sunday by re-aggregating that same ankle injury from Friday night.  He also hurt it earlier this year as well.  No reason to rush him back in a lost season, especially when ankle injuries can be such fickle and troublesome injuries.  If you don’t let them heal up completely, it can hinder a player all season long.

Should the Spurs win, they would sweep Minnesota four straight seasons. What does Minnesota have to do to avoid this tonight against the Spurs?

Give the ball to Darko and Love, and let them shoot it 40+ times combined.  Our guards are terrible, and I’d personally sit out Beasley anyways.  No one else on our team can really create their own shot, and Darko and Love have already had a ton of success against the Spurs already this season.  It would appear they are our best option for victory.  We certainly can’t run with you guys or score enough if you push the tempo.  If the Wolves simply play along without attempting to counter the increased pace, we’re doomed.

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