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We’re into game week 5 of the NBA season now and the table so far doesn’t favour the San Antonio spurs, currently sitting 13th in the Western Conference. Is it too late to write them off yet? Considering they’re currently 4-10 with 3 wins in their last 10, probably not. It’s safe to say this season is a write off, but where do they go from here? What is the goal this season? Blood some young talent? Look forward and see what they need to add in the off season to help build and push into the new season with the best potential lineup? Not really sure what would be best honestly.

Anyway! Today we’re here to look at some of the happenings in and around the San Antonio Spurs, starting with their poor run of form. Sitting on a 3 loss streak right now and as I write this, 37-24 down to the Minnesota Timberwolves, not to say they won’t close that gap but a loss streak is a loss streak you know? But why are the Spurs performing so poorly this season? 

Yet another poor performance from the Spurs as they lose 106-92 to the Clippers, November 16th Source: NBA.Com

Well, the first thing that appears to be a glaring issue is that nobody seems to WANT to shoot the ball? Put it this way, against the Mavs, 4th November, Spurs shot 21 threes, they made LITERALLY 7 of them. Only two Spurs players even bothered to attempt more than three each, Dejounte Murray and Devin Vassell. In an age where the three pointer is as big a part of this game as it is, that just isn’t good enough. It’s pretty easy to see that the Spurs are crying out for somebody who can make consistent threes, but NOT ONLY that, someone who has ACTAL CONFIDENCE in their ability to take them. Funnily enough, they do have two rookies who are capable of taking and scoring three pointers.  Josh Primo and Joe Wieskamp. Neither of them have really seen any game time though. 

So, with no direction, no real high level performances so far, is it any wonder why they’re not even close to being one of the top teams to make the playoffs, or really achieve anything this season? You can always check out the NBA betting picks before each game to look for favorable matchups. While the Spurs are off to a rough start it doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action with some of the other playoff contenders. 

They can’t even really blame their woes on injuries either, since they’ve been pretty clear so far. Zach Collins has been out with a foot injury since 2nd October and doesn’t look likely to return until after Christmas. Now Jock Landale is also out, details on that one remain unknown. But are the problems really as simple as people not being willing to shoot?

Well, no that would be a kind of outrageous assumption wouldn’t it? Another problem is that Gregg ‘Pop’ Popovich still doesn’t really know his most solid line up or the best rotations he can possibly make, not only that but which of his players are better match ups for certain teams? There’s a lot of work to be done behind the scenes for a coach these days, it’s more than just “throwing your best guys” out there. There’s a lot of talent in the roster, with names like Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson ready to go, but ultimately it feels like nobody is stepping up to the proverbial plate and giving the coach a reason to put his faith in them. He needs somebody to put the team on their back and lift them to the next level. 

It’s safe to say that the San Antonio Spurs really miss having a name like Tim Duncan in their ranks and haven’t really been the same since he retired from playing. Source: My SA

In my experience watching the NBA, from a young age, the San Antonio Spurs were always one of those teams that were up there, in and around playoff contention, it’s a strange experience looking on at the NBA now and seeing that name so far down the table. They need someone like Tim Duncan, an ever present, huge personality, to drag them forward. Duncan retired in 2016, the Spurs have not finished higher than 7th since the 2016-17 season.

That’s going to do it for this one, where is it going wrong for the San Antonio Spurs? Do they need to change up their recruitment strategy? Do they need to work with the players they have in a different manner? Is the coach getting it all wrong? Is there really one clear cut answer? Who knows for sure, but as someone who watched a lot of NBA growing up, it’d be nice to see the Spurs back up there challenging again. It looks like this season is a write off after finishing 10th last season, some things definitely need to change for sure, but will they? This is the real question. Take care everybody.