San Antonio Spurs’ secondary logo leaks, and it looks very different (PHOTOS)


The San Antonio Spurs may not have initially meant for the public to see their new logo this soon, but after filing for a trademark, it’s now been leaked for everyone to see.

Graphic designer Conrad Burry recently did some good detective work and discovered that the team filed to trademark the following mark, which we believe will be their new secondary logo going forward:

Since it’s just a black-and-white sketch, Burry went as far as to use the team’s color scheme and predicted what the logo might look like.

As far as the look goes, it’s clearly distinctly different than the current logo, and seems like an attempt for the team to modernize its brand, which we totally understand.

With that said, though, the overall design looks similar to the Knicks’ current logo. I like the look, and it works for/fits the Spurs, but just hope in 25+ years from now that all teams’ logos don’t look identical.

Thoughts on the new look?



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