Spurs: Why Josh Primo went from underwhelming pick to exciting pickup

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs - Joshua Primo

Doesn’t it feel like the draft was ages ago? Spurs Twitter was in a frenzy just last Thursday when Adam Silver stepped up to the podium and announced the San Antonio Spurs were drafting Joshua Primo with the #12 overall pick.

The move surprised everyone, even Primo’s agent and family. With some not even knowing who the 18-year-old prospect was, the onslaught of slander on Twitter began.

Surprisingly enough, after the Spurs account posted videos of Primo’s humble and mature response to being drafted, the mood among Spurs fans pretty much did a 180-degree flip overnight.

Before you knew it, the H-E-B “Primo Picks” and “Optimus Primo” memes were born and the positive narratives of Primo’s game started to circulate, elating fans in hopes his game will develop and one day be a key piece in the rotation.

Starting his high school career at Huntington Prep in West Virginia, Primo was an undersized 3-star recruit that was simply looked at as just another kid from Canada who will end up committing to a mid-level university. Coincidentally enough, it wasn’t until he returned back to his home country of Canada and arrived at Royal Crown Academic in Toronto in 2020 where he took his game to the next level.

He reclassified, had an amazing senior year, graduated early, and committed to the University of Alabama as a 4-star recruit. Once he arrived in Tuscaloosa, he re-tooled his game, learning how to move off the ball and be a team player all while having the confidence to produce, especially in clutch moments.

One aspect of his game that stood out to me that people shockingly fail to notice is how aggressive he is on the boards. Primo seemingly is always in the right place at the right time.

Standing at 6’6, Primo often utilized his 7-foot wingspan to slither around the opposition to put him in a position to snag boards he had no business getting.

With Primo not turning 19 years old until Christmas Eve this year, I expect him to spend some time in Austin to continue to grow into his body, develop his game and work on his mechanics.

Being mentored by the rest of the young backcourt crew can only lead to great things once he ends up back in San Antonio. The sky is truly the limit for Josh Primo.


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