San Antonio Spurs Fall Short 128-118 to the Phoenix Suns in Overtime

January 28, 2023, San Antonio, TX: during the third quarter against the Phoenix Suns at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas Saturday, January 28, 2023. (Photo by Reginald Thomas II/San Antonio Spurs) via:

The San Antonio Spurs are coming off a 5 game-losing streak on the West Coast. The Phoenix Suns are their first game back home since their road trip. At this point in the season, the Spurs fan base is developing some strong feelings about the caliber of the team they watch. 

Despite the critiques of their losses by 20 points or more, San Antonio came to put on a show against the Suns. Ultimately they could not pull through in the overtime and fell to the Suns 128-118; a score most don’t believe reflects the effort put forth by the young squad. 

You Had To Be There

In the first half, the Spurs established a smooth pace that allowed them to select good shots. Whether or not the shot went in was a matter of precision. Due to the defense that was more present, they were able to run Phoenix’s shot clock down or even force them to put up tough shots. 

While the start of the game may have met some expectations, the second half exceeded them. The shooting was at 52.3 percent for the Spurs. They outscored the Suns by seven points with their three-pointers making the biggest difference. A variety contributed to making clutch threes down to the wire however,  the ¾ from Jeremy Sochan is a big piece of the pie. 

The Fan Favorite

The fan favorite right now is Jeremy Sochan. Sochan exceeded his points per game average, scoring a whopping 30 points. He paired his career high with eight rebounds, and five assists. This night makes Sochan the youngest player in Spurs history with a 30-point game. 

Sochan’s peers who were drafted with him in 2022 ( Blake Wesley and Malaki Brenham) both spent time in the G-League. They gained the opportunity to develop their skills before their first NBA appearance. However, Jeremy was thrown into the fire and has not worn the Austin Spurs jersey. 

He says “I think, whatever situation I get thrown into, I think I’m good at adapting and that’s what I did… being a part of this type of organization where they trust me, believe in me, and help me, I think it’s a lot easier.”

Not The Final Shot

Keldon Johnson got the foul that tied the game at 110 with a made free throw. Coach Pop called a timeout to establish the next move that many were sure would end the game right there. Yet the ball just wouldn’t go up on the release under the basket. 

Johnson still had an amazing night with 34 points, three rebounds, and five assists. He appeared more confident. Johnson played with the versatility fans have been missing. When he is all over the floor prowling for shots he has a better look at aiding his teammates.  

The San Antonio Spurs Are Better Together

Coming to each other’s aid is this team’s saving grace. San Antonio may be low on the totem pole for things like defense, and shooting ability however they are a leader in assists. They are currently ranked third by the NBA. Why? Because according to Johnson they know they can’t win without sharing the ball. 

Teamwork will never go out of style in a team sport. Do you think their teamwork can continue to allow them to have games like this in the future? 



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