San Antonio Spurs 2007 NBA Champions!


They did it! The title is back in SA where it belongs as the Spurs swept aside “LeFraud” James and the weak ass, bitch ass, Cleveland Cavs.

So much for LeFraud’s coming out party. What you mother fucker LeFraud? You got swept by a real team. You can take your endorsements and shove them up your mother fucking ass because you got swept like the pussy bitch you are. You are the next Jordan? More like the next over-hyped punk ass fool. How does it feel to know you and your team got swept? You didn’t have to play a real team in the playoffs. What a depleted Wizards team? A sub-500 Nets team? An imploding Pistons team?
Thought you were big shit huh? Get the fuck out of here you son of a bitch! You and the Cavs don’t belong on the same level with the Spurs.
How does this sound “LeFraud” James and the Cavs team…..SAN ANTONIO SPURS 2007 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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