Ryan Richards reportedly headed for Spurs Summer League team


Guess who's baaaack!

San Antonio Spurs 2010 draftee Ryan Richards is apparently coming stateside next month to be a part of the San Antonio Spurs' Summer League squad.  Hoopfix.com first reported that Richards is currently in England working out with trainer James Dugdale and added that he would be in Las Vegas playing in Summer League.

While the Hoopfix report didn't say whether Richards would be playing for the Spurs, Dugdale did confirm to me via Twitter that the British prospect would in fact be suiting up for San Antonio for the second year in a row.

 Last year, Richards wasn't very good or bad.  The coaching staff seemed happy with his willingness to rebound, set screens and generally speaking not force anything.  He showed a couple of flashes of his athleticism, but also showed his game still needs plenty of work.

Nothing's official yet, but it's safe to assume we'll get another look at Richards next month.  The rest of the Spurs' Summer League roster also remains a mystery.