Video: Ryan Richards can hoop*


Update from Europe: Ryan Richards is good.

The 2010 San Antonio Spurs draftee spent much of his summer in the gym with Great Britain’s U-20 team and their senior team. Thanks to the team over at, we’re now getting to see the highlights to go along with those awesome stat lines Richards put up.

The video shows Richards moving well with and without the basketball and really being a force inside. You can tell he’s been working on a lefty jump hook in the post, which is encouraging. *However, we also need to note that a lot of these highlights are against the U-20 competition, so a lot of what Richards is doing in the post needs to be taken with a grain of salt. He’s the biggest guy on the court by far in most of these highlights, but that won’t be the case in the NBA. Still, his developing game in the post is nice to see.

What stood out most to me was his lightning quick release on his jumper. We can nitpick his post game all we want, but a quick release is a quick release no matter where you’re playing. Also impressive is his passing in the post and his ability to run the floor. Remember Spurs fans, he’s doing this against inferior competition, but this is all very encouraging to see. We’ll be paying close attention to Richards’ development with his new team, the Lugano Tigers, this fall.