Russia vs Sweden Hockey First Round – Preview, Live stream, Bottom Line , Start Time, TV Online

Russia vs Sweden Hockey First Round Game

The Russia WJC Hockey Team will meet the Sweden Hockey Team in World Junior Hockey Championship 2022 First Round action on Sunday afternoon from the Enmax Centrium, Red Deer, Canada at 14:30 GMT-7.

If there is one thing this showpiece between the Swedes and Russians will do, is to put pressure on both teams and this is what it will be. Russia will be working to get at least second place in a tight group, while Sweden will be looking to maintain their strong showing this year. 

Sweden vs Russia Game Information

Time: 4:30 p.m. ET
Date: 27th December 2021
Venue: Enmax Centrium, Red Deer, Canada 
TV Broadcast: NHL Network (USA) & TSN (Canada)

Live Anywhere: MyHockeyPass

Sweden vs Russia: What Does the Showpiece Entail?

We can call it a match between two equals, the Swedes have to show strong character and precision. After all, they have matched game actions with passion. 

Perhaps, this passion is their most amazing feature to go by. On the other hand, the Russians have shown they are not a team you can write off. 

The Russians have come up with a performance at points when writing them off is the best thing to do, and so in this encounter we are expecting some refreshing and delightful play. If you can make it to Red Deer, this is one game you will be glad to witness. 

A look at the team stats will reveal why expectations are so high when the fixture between the Russians and the Swedes is talked about. 

How to watch Russia vs Sweden Hockey 2022 From Anywhere

In the United States, the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship will air on the NHL Network, while TSN will broadcast the tournament in Canada. The NHL Network is only available with qualifying television packages. Accessing the Candian broadcast may not be easy either. In this case, we recommend you check out MyHockeypass

MyHockeyPass brings you the biggest sporting events from around the world without the need for a VPN. So, this is no matter where you are, you can watch the complete tournament games of Russia vs Sweden Hockey Live Stream without cable or VPN through MyHockeyPass.

Sweden vs Russia Team Stats 

Team Sweden

The Swedes are coming into this game on the back of some impressive displays in the year 2021. However, they are up against a skilled Russian team and this game will require adequate sweat from the Swedes. 

The Swedes offense is led by the powerful duo of Lucas Raymond and Alexander Holtz. This is made better with the addition of Simon Holmatrom and Carolina Hurricanes. They are equally powerful in defense and they have the team captain Philip Broberg to always call upon.

They have a fine goaltending record, and this counts when you are up against a team like Russia. 

Team Russia

Russia is out for history on this stage, they have a strong power-play unit. Marat Khusnutdinov, Vasoli Podkolzin and Rodion Amirov are some of their finest assets in the offense department. 

In this game against the Swedes, we expect the best of actions from this star-studded offensive trio, the super goaltender Yaroslav Askarov is an amazing goalie and he has consistently proven his worth on this game, with amazing displays to take home. 

When at his best, Yaroslav is hard to beat, and if he keeps that in the game against the Swedes then the Russians have a big chance to kill this. 

The Russian team plays a hard and fast game with great forechecks to back it up. 

The goal for the Russians in this game will be to make the Swedes uncomfortable and get their offensive records great on the goal. 

Sweden vs Russia: Where Can We Watch This Game?  

The match is broadcast live in Canada on TSN, while NHL will give you the finest experience if you are in the United States. However, you can stream this showpiece online on Gamepass TV for $9.99 without any geo-restrictions. 

The Bottom Line 

While the Russians have a fine squad to call upon, the speed and defensive abilities of the Sweden team and the depth they have got will allow them to match up the challenge of the Russians. 

Sweden can ride on the momentum they have got at the moment, and while Askarov will make this a little difficult, Sweden has a slim advantage to win this game. 

Finally, all I can say is a 5-4 win for Sweden is possible.


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