Rumors: Spurs interested in Josh Howard again? Green ‘perfect fit’ for Jazz?


According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports, the San Antonio Spurs are one team interested in signingJHo Utah Jazz free agent Josh Howard.

Jazz free agent Josh Howard getting interest from Mavs for Dallas return, source tells Y! Utah, Lakers, Nets, Spurs, Celtics also interested.

Speaking of the Jazz, they are also interested in Spurs’ restricted free agent Danny Green, and according to a source, Green sees himself as a “perfect fit” in Utah writes Briant Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune.

On Green:

But he’s open to exploring his options and a league source close to the guard believes Green could be a perfect fit for a Jazz team that enters free agency needing to address 3-point shooting and perimeter defense — two of Green’s main strengths.

If you recall, last December when free agency period began in the 2011-12 season, the Spurs were trying sign Howard. It even got to the point where they flew him in for a meeting to persuade him to sign, he instead chose the Jazz.

Then, during the regular season, a report came out that the Spurs were trying to trade for Howard and the chip was Green.

From what these reports sound like, it seems Green might be looking to play elsewhere for a better deal and I’m not so sure why the Spurs have Howard set on their minds? From what I saw this season of him, he was injury prone for a bit and was almost a non-factor when the Spurs swept the Jazz in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Howard looked like he lost a step and he’s never been known as a consistent three point shooter. But, if the Spurs are trying to get back to a defensive oriented team, Howard could make sense at shooting guard since Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson already play the small forward position.