Rumor: Hawks interested in Blair


With rumors flying around the league about every available player, DeJuan Blair hasn't been immune to any of it. With rumors of several teams who may be interested in Blair, you can add the Atlanta Hawks to teams who "might" have an interest in Blair.

While no clear suitor has emerged yet, San Antonio seems confident that they can find a taker for Blair and it could be the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks are, of course, focused on their Josh Smith plans. However, Blair landing in Atlanta after a Smith deal is complete is a possibility, according to league sources (Alex Kennedy/HoopsWorld).

With rumors that the San Antonio Spurs are interested in Josh Smith, it might not be a huge surprise Blair's name is being thrown in as being a target for the Hawks. While a deal that would send Josh Smith to San Antonio is viewed as a longshot, there's a big chance Atlanta will not be getting a big man in return for Smith since teams usually don't tend to want to swap players who play the same position.

Blair would be an interesting fit for the Hawks, especially being paired up against Al Horford in the paint. 

Horford tends to want to play in the post, something Blair's game doesn't compliment because he has no outside shot. Atlanta is in rebuild mode however, so a small contract like Blair to finish off the season would be ideal for Atlanta at this point.

As of right now though, it seems no one is too interested in giving up anything for Blair, who can leave a team after the season as a free agent according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

So far, Spurs don't have a deal in place for expiring contract of DeJuan Blair, league sources tell Y! Trade deadline is 3 PM ET. (@WojYahooNBA)