Rumor: Bulls interested in Blair?


DeJuan's Blair season has been frustrating, to put it lightly.

The third year power forward hasn't seen too many minutes this season with the San Antonio Spurs, averaging 14mpg in 37 appearances. The majority of his minutes have came when Tim Duncan has been out of the lineup or there's been a blowout.

Those "insignificant" minutes have bothered the forward and he's occasionally let Twitter and his followers know that. You can sympathize with Blair as he'll be a free agent this summer and wants to raise his stock as much as he can to sign with another team above the minimum.

It's been rumored that he's been wanting a trade and that the Spurs have been actively seeking a trade for him and there may be a taker for him. As reported on Twitter, the Chicago Bulls have expressed some interest in acquiring the Spurs' forward.

@ChicagoBullsBot Chicago Bulls have expressed interest in San Antonio Spurs F Dejuan Blair. (Source: Rumor Press)

It's a tricky situation for the Spurs in trading Blair because of his skills and his contract. Blair having a low salary means the Spurs will likely trade him for a draft pick. A bad team wouldn't want to give a bad pick for Blair, who's pick will be higher in the draft if the forward can walk away after the season. The other scenario would be San Antonio trading him to a good team, like the Bulls, who has an interest in him. The Bulls will likely offer a low second rounder in return for Blair to help them chase an NBA title with Derrick Rose's return getting closer. Another point to consider is the possibility of Chicago (4th overall in the East) meeting San Antonio in the NBA Finals if the Spurs were to win the Western Conference. The last thing the Spurs would want to see is a Blair motivated to beat them while looking for a payday in the biggest stage of the NBA.

Blair in a Bulls uniform would be an interesting sight. He doesn't seem to fit next to Joakim Noah since they both don't have reliable outside jumpers, but his energy and hustle may be what the Bulls need to improve their 93.7ppg (26th overall in the league). With the attention Rose garners, he'd be a perfect pick and roll partner for him and a guy who moves around the court off the ball.

What do you think Spurs fans? Should the Spurs consider trading Blair to a contender or should they keep him at the end of the bench until the season ends where he doesn't have a chance to hurt the team?