David Robinson used 412,000 gallons of water in two months in Texas drought


The city of San Antonio is currently experiencing a very severe drought. How bad is it? My little brother from the University of Northern Iowa is back in San Antonio for the summer and he said it’s only rained twice since he’s been here.

With the drought in effect, the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has implemented water restrictions throughout the city. Most of our neighbors are following the restrictions; however, the residents who live in wealthier areas of the city aren’t really affected by the restrictions too much. If you have a mansion, you’re going to have to keep the lawn green and the plant’s looking lush.

SAWS recently released a report on the top customers who are using the most water during the drought and San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson was named as a heavy water user.

Others make the lists month after month, and some of their names are easily recognizable, such as NuStar Energy Chairman and philanthropist Bill Greehey, who used 186,000 gallons in June and 163,000 gallons in July, and former Spurs star David Robinson, billed for 237,000 gallons in June and 175,000 gallons in July, according to information obtained under the open records law.

However, “The Admiral” seems to recognize this error, especially with the city of San Antonio going through a drought.

“It’s not only wasteful, it’s embarrassing,” said Robinson who, like Greehey, also made the 100 list during the 2009 drought. “Everyone in the city is trying to save water and here I am using 10 times what everyone else is.”

In Robinson’s defense he did say he let his lawn go dormant since he put his house for sale and said it is a leaky irrigation system and will have it repaired.

Robinson has enjoyed a rather squeaky-clean reputation on and off the court so if this is the “worst” thing he has done, I’m sure Spurs fans will give him a pass. Besides, he is a Navy guy so maybe he was just trying to relive his days out at sea.