Richards has up and down game


photo: fiba.comBecause NBA owners and players have deprived us from basketball stateside until college basketball gets going, we’re going to tell you about a so-so game San Antonio Spurs’ 2010 draft pick Ryan Richards had.

The previously undefeated Lugano Tigers fell to Fribourg 80-73 and when you take one look at the box score it’s easy to see why they lost. 19 turnovers.

You can’t do that. You just can’t.

As for Richards, well he had six turnovers. You just can’t do that.

To add to it he only scored eight points and pulled down five rebounds. He only had three fouls, so you can’t blame foul trouble. He did get to the line twice and made both his free throws so that’s something positive.

Obviously games like these happen from time to time. The good news is Richards is played 32 minutes a game and starting so he’s getting some valuable experience, which is probably the best takeaway from this game.