Report: Lorbek re-signing with Regal Barcelona


After it was reported on Saturday that Slovenian Erazem Lorbek was going to be offered the most ELmoney in Regal Barcelona history, a new report has surfaced from that states Lorbek has agreed to re-sign with the Spanish team and not join the San Antonio Spurs (who traded for his draft rights in 2011) after all.

According to the report, it is speculated Lorbek will be offered approximately more than 2 million euros, roughly $2,457,757 U.S. dollars per season.

As you recall, a recent report had Lorbek being considered as more of a plan B for the Spurs because the report said the Spurs were first targeting a physical center before negotiating with the Slovenian big man. Now, if the report is true, Lorbek will stay in Barcelona where he just won the Liga title and is set to be one of the richest players playing in Spain.

If this report is true that Lorbek will re-sign with Regal, then that means the Spurs’ frontcourt is currently headed by Tiago Splitter, DeJuan Blair, and Matt Bonner. Tim Duncan is in the process of re-signing with the team while the expectation is the team will look to re-sign Boris Diaw, though no talks have been reported yet.

The Spurs have reportedly been targeting centers like Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman so far in free agency. If Lorbek is out of the picture, they’ll have to rely on either free agency or trades to make changes in their frontcourt.

In addition, Mundo Deportivo is reporting Barcelona offered Lorbek 3 million euros (3,686,635 U.S. dollars) per season.

Now with the Spurs having to sign Tim Duncan, Danny Green, and the rest of their own free agents, one has to wonder if there will be financial room to sign Lorbek.

Keep in mind, this is the only news report claiming Lorbek will stay with Barcelona but what do you have to say Spurs fans? If the report is true, can you blame Lorbek for cashing in on a huge payday or would you have rather see him play in the NBA?

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