Report: Tony Parker expected to announce Thursday he will play in France


Will there be an upcoming NBA season or not remains to be seen but should the NBA season be canceled or games be lost, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker has made it clear he will play for his French team ASVEL for the duration of the lockout.

Last week, we reported Parker is expected to announce he will make his decision sometime this week and according to French site, Parker is set to announce he will in fact play in France at a press conference this Thursday.

Tony Parker (has) decided to play in Lyon during the lockout in the NBA, announced Tuesday night the channel Infosport +. The playmaker of the San Antonio Spurs, vice president of basketball operations Asvel, is expected to announce his arrival at the club Rhone Thursday at a press conference in Paris.

There was an issue surrounding his insurance but Parker has stated that will be paid out of his own pocket. It also goes without saying there will be an opt-out clause for his return to the Spurs once the lockout is over.

If the report is true, then Parker will be the first big-name Spur to head overseas due to the lockout while Manu Ginobili might be next to head to Italy.

Of course all of this will be moot should a new CBA be agreed upon and the lockout ends sooner than later.

According to the report, Parker would make his debut for ASVEL as early as October 14 against Paris-Levallois.

What do you have to say Spurs fans?

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