Report: Spurs willing to offer Hill a second year


Now that free agent Caron Butler is Clippers bound, the San Antonio Spurs will be looking at other small forward free agents to replace Richard Jefferson who will not be in black and silver much longer.

And could that free agent be Grant Hill?

According to ESPN, the Spurs and Suns are the top two destinations for Hill and the Spurs are reportedly willing to offer Hill a second year on his contract. Something the Suns will not.

If true, then does this means Josh Howard is no longer on San Antonio’s radar?

However, should the Spurs sign Hill, the move would be a typical Spurs move.

Hill is a savvy veteran, would know his role, and bring something on both ends of the court. Sure, he might be up in age but since recovering from his countless injuries, with the Suns he has been productive. Last season, in 80 games for Phoenix, he averaged 13.2 points, 2.5 assists, 4.2 rebounds, shot 48% from the field in 30.1 minutes.

Not bad for the 16-year pro.

Though the Spurs would get older, and a crammed 66-game season might take its toll on Hill but the Spurs would find an adequate replacement for Jefferson, at least in the short-term.