Report: Spurs will be 1 of 7 teams to Pursue Iguodala in Free Agency


According to Chris Haynes of, the San Antonio Spurs will be one of seven outside teams to pursue Golden State Warriors unrestricted free agent Andre Iguodala in free agency.

Before getting into what it would take to get Iguodala on the Spurs and who the other suitors are, here were a few more interesting notes from the story. In the article, Haynes writes that it’s still unclear if Iguodala will even take free agent pitch meetings and on the Spurs’ front, the idea of signing both Chris Paul and Iguodala has “been discussed internally” according to Haynes’ sources.

Now to look at the suitors and what they’d have to do to sign Iguodala.

Golden State Warriors

Since the Warriors have Iguodala’s bird rights, as long they keep his cap hold on the books, they can sign him to a deal he prefers that’s close to what other teams might offer. The Warriors can do this for Iguodala, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston as long as they keep all their cap holds on the books.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs have close to $13.3 million in cap space with the cap holds of Patty Mills and Jonathon Simmons still on the books. If they renounced those cap holds, they’d have up to $20.2 million in cap space. That might be enough to sign just Iguodala, but then the question would be whether Pau Gasol would re-sign for the room exception of $4.3 million.

However, if the Spurs wanted to sign both Iguodala and Paul, they’d have to move two players. Danny Green and LaMarcus Aldridge have both been mentioned on the trade block. If the Spurs found outside teams to absorb each of their contracts, then San Antonio would have up to $50.8 million in cap space. That would be enough to sign Paul to a $34.6 million max and leave the Spurs with $17.0 million in cap space to offer to Iguodala, while hoping Gasol would settle for the room exception.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Wolves could offer Iguodala up to $19.3 million if they renounce Shabazz Muhammad’s qualifying offer and all cap holds.

Los Angeles Clippers

If the Clippers keep Paul and Griffin, they’d have to move around three contracts (DeAndre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers) to open up $18.8 million to offer Iguodala. In this scenario, JJ Redick and all other Clippers free agents would be renounced.

If Griffin walked in free agency, then the Clippers could offer Iguodala $15.3 million if they just moved Crawford and re-signed Paul. If the Clippers allowed Griffin to walk and moved Jordan without taking salary back, they could offer Iguodala $23.7 million.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers would have $51.4 million in cap space if they renounced Gerald Henderson, Sergio Rodriguez, Tiago Splitter, TJ McConnell, Shawn Long and Alex Poythress.

Orlando Magic

The Magic could offer Iguodala $15.4 million if they renounced Marcus Georges-Hunt, Patricio Garino, CJ Watson, Stephen Zimmerman, Damjan Rudez, Jeff Green and Jodie Meeks.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have up to $32.9 million in cap space while keeping Sean Kilpatrick’s non-guaranteed deal on the books and renouncing Archie Goodwin, KJ McDaniels, and Randy Foye. The Nets would also waive Quincy Acy, Joe Harris and Spencer Dinwiddie in this scenario.

Utah Jazz

If Gordon Hayward and George Hill left in free agency, the Jazz would have close to $19.8 million in cap room while keeping the qualifying offer for Joe Ingles on the books, as well as the non-guaranteed deal for Boris Diaw.



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