Report: Spurs looked to add Oberto before the lockout


It’s plain to see the San Antonio Spurs need more big-man depth.

Tim Duncan is about the only legit big man the Spurs have on the roster. Not to take away anything from DeJuan Blair, and Antonio McDyess but they can only do so much to contend with the big men of the NBA. Matt Bonner is not known for his defense and Tiago Splitter still has yet to prove he can man the paint along side Duncan or by himself.

But did the Spurs try to add make an attempt to add some depth at the 5-spot by trying to add former Spur Fabricio Oberto to the roster before the lockout? Apparently so.

According to Oberto’s agent Carlos Prunes (via the Argentine site Ole), the Spurs attempted to add “Fab” before the NBA lockout.

“The Spurs expressed their desire for Oberto to be the fifth center, but that was before the lockout. Still need to see if they want to add him.”

Oberto would make a seamless transition into the roster if the Spurs do continue any interest in adding him. He knows the Spurs’ system, is still a fan-favorite, wouldn’t disrupt chemistry, and is exactly what Popovich loves in a player — veteran, “do everything” kind of player.

But at the same time, he isn’t young, athletic, and has been through heart issues which may be of concern. Not to mention how much gas does he have in his tank?

Though the report says if Oberto doesn’t make a return to the NBA, Europe will be his next stop but what do you have to say Spurs fans? Should the Spurs make a run at Oberto?