Report: Spurs’ Ferry candidate to join Wizards’ front office


If you look at most NBA teams, you might find a connection to the San Antonio Spurs.

New Orleans has Monty Williams who played and served as a coach for the Spurs, Oklahoma has Sam Presti as GM, who also served time with the Spurs’ front office, and Avery Johnson, who played for San Antonio, is now leading the ship for New Jersey.

The list seems to go on-and-on and according to the NY Daily News, Danny Ferry could be in line to take the lessons learned with the Spurs to the Wizards next season.

Former Cavs GM Danny Ferry is being touted as a candidate to run the Wizards when owner Ted Leonsis cleans out his front office, starting with team prez Ernie Grunfeld, after the season. Ferry has been assisting Gregg Popovich in San Antonio.

Ferry, who is currently serving as Vice President of Basketball Operations for San Antonio, would be more than qualified to run the Wizards. Not only does he have experience with the Spurs (worked in the front office from 2003-2005 as well), he also served as the Cavs’ GM starting in 2005 and ending in 2010.

In Cleveland, he brought on former Spurs assistant coach Mike Brown, and added talent to a team with LeBron James (Mo Williams, Anthony Parker, Leon Powe) which played in the 2007 NBA Finals against the Spurs.

If this does happen, once again it will prove how other teams view the Spurs and their top-notch front office talent. Teams want a piece of San Antonio’s winning blue print and hope to duplicate it with their own team.