Report: Spurs are open to trading Danny Green


According to Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express News Wednesday afternoon, league sources have informed him that the San Antonio Spurs are open to trading guard Danny Green. Young reports there isn’t a close deal on the table at the moment, but moving Green could allow the Spurs even more flexibility in free agency on July 1.

First, if the Spurs did move Green and didn’t take any salary back, while letting all free agents walk, they could have close to $32.3 million in cap space to use on a free agent(s) and re-sign Pau Gasol at a smaller annual amount.

However, as the video below will show, in order to get into the conversation of signing Chris Paul to a maximum contract, the Spurs would still most likely need to move Tony Parker’s contract even if Green was moved as well.

Financial data via Thanks to Lucas J Hann for clarification on the Spurs’ cap situation.


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