Report: Parker injures right knee again, will undergo MRI Tuesday


Last Thursday, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker had sustained a minor injury to his right knee in the French National teams practice session. After sitting out in France's loss to Spain on Friday, Parker returned to the court Monday as France lost to Spain once again 85-84.

According to the French website L'Equipe, Parker's knee was injured again in the match and he will have to undergo an MRI on Tuesday. 

Via L'Equipe with a translation.

Once again the victim of a hit on the right knee, he spent an MRI on Tuesday in Paris.

After the game, Parker commented on the loss in which he led Les Bleus with 29 points. Making an inference based on his comments, he's speaking in the context like he's assuming he'll be ok in the future and ready to play for France in the upcoming Eurobasket tournament next week.

"We need to continue to grow, but it is true that we have missed a great opportunity to win this game. It would have been good to take. It was a good game overall. Me, I have to continue to get back in shape. I had a good shot at the end but I did not put. I go tired of this game. There are many things we can do better. we need to learn to win these matches and then manage these matches there. We'll fight. It will change one day or another. It is the preparation and the goal is to beat in competition. "

The next step will be for Parker to undergo the MRI and to see just how much damage his knee has sustained. Depending on the MRI results, it'll be interesting to see if he will continue playing with the French National team or if his body will need more time to rest and recover before the Spurs' 2013-2014 training camp begins.

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