Report: Donte Greene to workout for Spurs


Apparently, the San Antonio Spurs may not be too satisfied with their roster just yet. 

According to, the Spurs are interested in free agent forward Donte Greene.

On January 11, Greene will begin working out for teams, according to sources. The Brooklyn Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Hornets, Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets have all expressed interest in Greene and discussed potential workout dates with the unrestricted free agent.

Greene was about to sign with the Brooklyn Nets this offseason but an ankle injury requiring surgery made the Nets balk at the offer.

With the Spurs having 14 players on the roster, this may be an interesting turn of events about who the Spurs may find to be expendable or not playing up to par. 

The team has seen injuries to their small forwards and have been looking to add more big help for their fourth forward/center in their rotation, From that list, the Spurs are the only serious contender looking at Greene, but the Rockets are the only team who can offer him the most money since they are significantly under the salary cap.

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