Report: Calderon intrigued by Spurs if he becomes a free agent


Free agency has begun and as the Toronto Raptors have their sights set on signing Phoenix Suns free JCagent Steve Nash, current Raptors guard Jose Calderon might be amnestied according to Marc Stein of (H/T Air Alamo).

In his article, Stein writes that the Los Angeles Lakers will have their eyes on Calderon because they’d like to pair him with fellow Spaniard Pau Gasol. Well, Stein also reports that the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat are also two teams that would intrigue Calderon if he was amnestied by the Raptors.

Miami and San Antonio are two more teams known to intrigue Calderon if he gets the chance to pick his next destination.

Stein’s reports also says Calderon would like to follow Argentinian forward Luis Scola if he’s traded from the Houston Rockets. There’s a few ways to look at the Calderon rumors involving the Spurs, such as how much could the Spurs offer him and would he be fine playing for a contract that was possibly a lot less than he was looking for? Are the Spurs even interested in his services?

One would think he’d fit in well with the Spurs’ run-and-gun international type of offense and he’d also be a reliable backup point guard to Tony Parker. Plus, Calderon would really take a lot of the load off of Parker as he could start on nights when the Spurs needed to rest Parker. 

Free agency is just beginning and more rumors and news will start coming out in the following days. Free agents aren’t allowed to sign contracts with teams until July 11. For those in the Calderon camp, the first thing to do is to see if Nash signs with Toronto.