Remember Luis Scola?


That’s right, Luis Scola. As in, the one who never played. The one who never played for San Antonio. Never played for San Antonio, but repeatedly fills the box score on the other side of Texas, for the Rockets. For the Rockets, when their big man is struggling.

Such was the case in game 3, when Yao put up a whopping 7 points and 13 boards. But Scola has been busy not only in game 3, but the entire series.

  • Game 1: 19 pts, 8 boards, 7-9 FG
  • Game 2: 12 pts, 5 boards, 5-10 FG
  • Game 3: 19 pts, 9 boards, 8-15 FG

Granted, these aren’t huge numbers. These aren’t superstar numbers. These are support player numbers. Duncan’s sidekick Bonner, at his “peak” in game 2, managed a mere 11 pts and 7 boards on 3-9 FG. In that same game, Gooden brought 13 pts and 3 boards on 6-9 FGs, with 10 minutes 32 seconds less court time, and he made hustle plays.

So Batman, riddle me this: would we be better off having kept Scola and bringing him to our court, or do the support bigs we have possess the capabilites, but underperform night after night?

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