Red Borneo Dosage Guide

Borneo kratom is a famous kratom strain. It grows in the islands of Borneo in Indonesia. It is famous for its potency and alkaloid makeup. You can find red Borneo and all its strains at

All the kratom strains are sensitive to dosage. So, you should use them in the right dosage. If you are looking to find the right dosage of red Borneo kratom, you are in the right place. Let’s learn everything about the dosage of red Borneo kratom!

Introduction to Red Borneo Kratom

Before learning the dosage of red Borneo, it is important to know some basics of it. Red Borneo is a strain of Borneo kratom. It is called red Borneo because:

  1. It is grown in the region of Borneo islands.
  2. The vein color of red Borneo leaves is red.

Red Borneo kratom is a famous kratom strain. So, many of you would like to know the dosage guide of red Borneo. But why is it famous?

Here’s the thing:

Red Borneo is one of the most potent kratom strains. The alkaloid concentration is high which makes it potent. So, people prefer it over other strains. 

Red Borneo Dosage Guide

Now that you know a little about red Borneo, it is time to dive into the dosage guide. It is best if you consult a doctor or a specialist to get the right dosage according to your body. But if not, then you can get help from here.

Why is Right Dosage Important?

The thing about the right dosage is that the wrong dosage can cause many side effects. Especially in the case of red Borneo, it is important to take the right dosage. It is because red Borneo is a potent strain. 

Even a small dose of red Borneo can provide you with a lot of effects. So, if you take a high dosage when it is not right for you, you can face many side effects.

What is the Right Dosage for Red Borneo?

The right dosage depends upon person to person. There are other factors too that determine the right dosage for everyone. But let’s see how medium, small and high doses of red Borneo affect you!

If you are new to red Borneo kratom, you should take it in a small dose. For those just starting, even a small dose can be potent and long-lasting. So, if you are one of them, 2 grams of red Borneo is enough for you.

If after 2 grams, you don’t feel any effect, you can increase the dose to 3-5 grams. This dose is advised for people who have been using kratom in the past. Beginners shouldn’t take more than 2-3 grams at first.

High dose such as 7-10 grams is only advisable for people who have experience with red Borneo kratom. It will give you a lot of effects including sedation. Only people who take kratom frequently are allowed to take a high dosage of red Borneo kratom.

Factors Affecting the Right Dosage

There are a few things to consider before choosing the right dose for yourself. These factors can help you get the best experience from kratom.

Your Experience Level

By level, it means if you are a beginner or a pro at using kratom. If you are not much familiar with kratom, you should take a small dose. It is a rule to start with a lower dose and gradually increase with time.

People think that a small dose won’t give them much effect. But as red Borneo is a potent strain, even a small dose is enough for beginners.

The high and medium dose is good for people who have been using kratom for a while. It is best to use a high dose when you have some experience using red Borneo in particular.

Effects You’re Expecting

If you want to experience high relaxation and sedation effects, the high and medium dose is ideal for you. But remember, don’t use high and medium doses if you are a newbie.

For people who want mild relaxation throughout the day, a small dose is ideal. It is because if you use a high dosage, you will feel sedated throughout the day. This can interrupt your performance in daily tasks. If you want to stay active, take red Borneo at a lower dose.

Methods of Taking Red Borneo

To get the best effects from red Borneo kratom, you should take it in a suitable method. There are a few methods that users consume red Borneo kratom with. Are you looking for a suitable method too? If yes, then read further!

The following methods of consuming red Borneo are the most common:

  • Capsules
  • Toss and Wash Method
  • Adding in Food/Drinks
  • Tea/Coffee


You can easily find red Borneo kratom at many vendors. Capsules are easy to consume. Many people prefer this method because they don’t have to chew and experience the bitter taste of kratom. 

Toss and Wash Method

The toss and wash method is not ideal for people who don’t like the taste of kratom. Red Borneo has a strong aroma, so only use this method if you can handle the taste.

For this method, put kratom powder or crushed leaves on your tongue. Wash it down with water.

Adding in Food/Drinks

When you add kratom powder in food such as brownies, you don’t get much of its taste. This method is best for people who use red Borneo kratom for recreational purposes.


This method of consuming red Borneo is best for people taking a lower dose. Using red Borneo as tea/coffee in the morning will provide you the effects throughout the day. But it is best to use a lower dose so that you can stay active the whole day but also relaxed.


Now you know the right dose of red Borneo kratom. Are you going to try it out in low, high, or medium dosage? It is best to start with a lower dosage if you are a beginner. Don’t consume a high dosage without the proper information.