Rebounding With Dejuan Blair — Part II


So we here at Project Spurs did some more digging and found more unknown “facts” about Dejuan Blair’s rebounding prowess.  Take a look.

People believe the Titanic sank because it rammed into an iceberg.  Truth be told, Dejuan Blair was boxing it out.

The origins of the phrase “dust yourself off and pick up the pieces” is when Dejuan Blair boxed out his first opponant on the court.

When you see a meteor shower, Dejuan Blair sees practice!

Dejuan Blair doesn’t understand the concept of volleyball.

You heard the phrase “reach for the moon”?  Blair has and he came down with a rebound.

I once saw Dejuan Blair box out 50 guys at a wedding when the Groom tossed the Bride’s garter belt.

It was widely believed that US Airways Flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River due to birds.  In reality someone carried on a basketball and Blair went for a rebound.