Rebounding With Dejuan Blair


It is widely known the Dejuan Blair is a rebounding machine and we all saw his impressive rebounding stats at the 2009 Vegas Summer League.  But do you know the full extent of his rebounding prowess?  Well we at Project Spurs present to you some of Blair’s rebounding exploits.

When people prepare for an incoming hurricane, they don’t board their windows, they just put Dejuan Blair in front of them.

Once an airline employee announced it was time to board the plane, Blair proceeded to rebound an arriving plane.

When a person walks into a lumber yard for boards, they look for the aisle with Blair’s face.

When women are on the rebound, they magically fall into Blair’s hands.

During his college career at Pitt, the campus janitorial department didn’t use Windex to clean glass, they used Dejuan Blair.

When Bill Gates was introduced as the “Chairman of the Board”, Blair shouted “We’ll see about that!” and boxed him out.

Whenever the US economy rebounds, it will be because of Dejuan Blair.

Dejuan Blair once misunderstood the exact meaning of a boarding school.

One time Blair was in Colorado and saw Halley’s Comet streaking across the night sky. He then boxed out the Rocky Mountains.

When you wish upon a shooting star, better make it fast because Dejuan Blair will go for the rebound.

One time Dejuan Blair noticed hundreds of hot-air balloons in the sky.  There were no survivors.

When Dejuan Blair is outdoors, the FAA considers the space above him a “no-fly zone” out of fear he will rebound planes.

While I was POSTING this blog, Dejuan Blair proceeded to box me out.