Real talk on the lockout from ‘Big Shot Rob’


Now that David Stern has canceled the entire NBA preseason and the regular season is in danger of losing some games, a lot has been said about what the owners and players will be missing out on. But there are thousands of people around the country who are going to be hit even worse than the owners and players if games are canceled.

According to Jorge Arce of, ex-San Antonio Spurs forward Robert Horry said the lockout is a bad situation, especially for arena employees who depend on the 41 games a year for income.

“It’s just a bad, bad thing,” Horry told Erin Sharoni. “I don’t feel for the players, I don’t feel for the owners. Those are seven-figure people. I feel for the people who work in the arenas, who use this as their livelihood to put food on their tables. That’s who I care most about and that’s what I said during the last lockout.”

I’m glad Horry said what a lot of us fans have been thinking. Sure there are other events going on at arenas other than basketball games, but try to imagine having 41 days (not counting the playoffs) where you were expecting to get paid and now you’re out of that money. Tough times for more than the rich players or the super rich owners, or even us basketball fans who are getting bored. Thanks to “Big Shot Rob” for looking out for the little man.