Ready For the NBA Again? You Bet!


Can you feel that in the air? Yes, it’s football season, and yes, the World Series is underway. But do you feel that other thing? It feels like half-court shots, crossovers and alley-oops. You can almost hear the sneakers squeaking… Basketball is almost here.

I know, I know. The Lakers just finished off the Heat last week, the parade hasn’t even happened yet, and already we’re talking about the next season. For the other 29 fan-bases not decked in purple and gold, you bet we are. While Laker Nation is basking in the afterglow of the franchise’s 17th NBA championship, there’s the draft, free agency and fresh futures dropping in this NBA betting section for everyone else to rinse their mouths of the NBA Bubble with.

The Bubble wasn’t bad, and in fact, it may be largely responsible for introducing a sense of normal back into our lives. It was odd at times, and some franchises that were in the playoff picture when the season paused fell out of contention in Orlando. We feel for you Grizzlies fans.

The Lakers are already the favorites to repeat next season, meaning everyone’s sights are set on dethroning LeBron who once again reigns over the league. While we wait for an announced start to the next season, and thus free agency, we’ve already had coaching vacancies start to fill, with Doc Rivers going to Philadelphia, Stan Van Gundy hired by the Pelicans, Tyronn Lue promoted with the Clippers, just to name a few recent ones.

The next date circled on the calendar for everyone is the NBA Draft, scheduled to take place on November 18th. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, teams have already begun the interview process with prospects, provided all participants involved test negative for COVID-19.

The whole process may seem a little rushed, but the regular season has been tipping off at this time in years past, and we haven’t even started the off-season. The timing is right though, and we can all feel it in our bones. Baseball will be over soon, the honeymoon of a new football season has faded. We’re ready for you NBA.


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