Ranking the value of NBA teams, Spurs near the top


For any San Antonio Spurs fans out there with plans to buy the team, better start saving. Even though the Spurs don’t get a lot of national media attention, aren’t one of the flashier teams in the league and don’t give off an impression of extravagance like the Knicks or Lakers do, they’re still in the top third of NBA teams in terms of value.

The Spurs are valued at $527 million, up 26% from last year. They’re the 10th most expensive team in the league, finishing behind most of the “big market” franchises.

You can check out the full list, but you won’t find too many surprises. At the top of the list are the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, both worth at least a billion dollars. At the bottom of the list are the Charlotte Bobcats and the Milwaukee Bucks, both at a little over $300 million.

As a whole, the average value of all 30 NBA teams is $509 million, which jumped up 30% from last year. That’s a big leap and the league owners have the lockout and David Stern to thank for it. After whining and complaining that owning an NBA team wasn’t a profitable business, it looks like they got their way in the end.

Under the new CBA, you can expect to see the value of NBA teams continue to climb. So for anyone out there with aspirations of owning a team, better get in now. Round up a couple (thousand) friends and get a few hundred million dollars together!