Quotes from Spurs training camp: Blair’s consistency, Mills back in action


After defeating the Houston Rockets last night in preseason action, the San Antonio Spurs were back at camp before their next game this weekend. The team had an early practice and afterwards, DeJuan Blair and Patty Mills spoke to the media.

ESPN San Antonio's Eric Messersmith was at today's practice and shared with Project Spurs what Blair and Mills had to say.

Blair on his recent play in the preseason:

I'm just playing. Doing everything I've been working on. I'm learning the system, even more even though I been here for a couple of years. Still learning the system and still having fun. Putting everything in the past.

Blair on his weight loss:

I dropped a couple of pounds but I'm still me, still DeJuan. I'm never skinny. I'm just me, I'm just big. I'm just trying to work and just be out on the floor. If this is what Pop wants then I'm going to do anything to get minutes and try to be consistent and everything.

Blair on Eddy Curry and Josh Powell:

They're doing excellent. They're developing everyday. Ed is a big body and Josh is more of a skilled four or five. He's a great attribute to the team, to the camp. Ed is huge and Josh is more of a guardable big, that you can actually guard and move your feet. It's good for me and Tim (Duncan) and everybody to workout with them.

Blair on his jumpshot:

It's coming along. I been working on it as you can see. That's all I been doing throughout the whole summer. It's going to come. I'm not rushing it.

Blair on his maturity:

I've matured, everything that happened to me, last year, in the summer, it made me grow up a lot. Just really focus on what needs to be done and not worry about what I can't control.

Blair on not playing much during last season's playoffs:

During the playoffs last year, it was to the point, I was a little upset. It ain't nothing I can't control at the end of the day. Talked to my mother, talked to my brother and I prayed about it

Mills on getting back on the court:

You never want to be out too long with injuries. Mine was a little ankle sprain that recovered really well and rehabbing, obviously, the last week.

Mills on his sprain:

It was a sprained ankle. The recovery, all of the swelling came down, really quick, the bruising came out.

Mills on being out for some time:

You never want to be off the court but I felt like the stuff I was doing off the court, whether it was watching film, talking to the coaches, talking to the players, I still felt like I was in the mix. 

Mills on Nando De Colo:

I been playing against him for a few years now with the national team. What he's brought to our team here, is exactly what he's good at, what he's been great at playing internationally. Great vision, he sets up the team really well. His passing is unbelievable. He showed that in the last few games and he can shoot it as well. I think he'll bring a lot to our team. 

Mills on Cory Joseph:

He's come a long way from last year. He had a big summer competing in the Summer League but I think it was all the stuff that he's done individually in the weight room and individually with the coaches. He got after it a lot and you can see the stuff he puts on the court.  He's becoming a real point guard and it's great to see.

Mills on all the point guards at camp:

We got a number of point guards that are really good and really solid. If nothing else, it's going to make everyone of us even better the more we push ourselves.